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My name is Ulrich Geimer (born in Drunen, 1952; picture from 1952 click here) and live in Loon op Zand, a village near to Tilburg, in the Netherlands. It is situated south of the "Loonse en Drunense Duinen". Dunes in the middle of the land!

I practise the hobby photography from my 14th, but I believe my interest came earlier, when I was 3 years old. See the photos here above “in the past”.
I am an auto didact.

First I started, of course with b/w and a simple camera (Agfa Isoli). I enlarged the photos with an enlarger made by myself from wood and an old camera and binocular lens.

After a while I bought another camera, a Halina Paulette Electric, with exposure meter. Also I bought a “real” enlarger, first a “Meteor” and after that a Durst M300. I became a member of Photoclub Drunen. From my father I inherited an old rangefinder camera, a Zeiss Contax IIIa brand.

Later, during my study physical techniques in Aachen, I lived in Heerlen and was a member of photo club "Het Motief". Here I practised the color enlargement also. (Positive process from Cibachrome)
After my study I returned to Brabant and settled to Loon op Zand (1983). I became a member of Photo club Boxtel.
But after a certain time I stopped for a period with photography. The dark room changed into  a room for our child.
From 2002 I have found the digital way. I used a Sony F717 and now a Sony Alpha 100 with a Carl Zeiss 16-80 lens.

Since 2009 I am a member of Phodia, a photogroup on internet. Everyone, from all countries  can become a member. But during 2015 this group stopped due to a lack of members.


With a colleague photographer we started a photo club for elder people interesting in photography and want to make pictures on a higher level. Also from time to time we give courses in Photoshop elements.



I prefer abstract and architecture photography and landscape in an abstract way. But I believe, everything I can see, can be photo material.

"Who can see can take photos also. To learn to see can take a while however". 

Ulrich bij de pier P

“I am learning yet......”  





“You get eyes to look with, but to see you have to learn” (UG)                                                                                                        



Kind regards,                                                                                                                                                                                Today